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Joe Biden’s Staff

By Dylan Miller On November 17, Joe Biden announced his candidates to be his senior White House staff members. Cedric Richmond, who is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in Louisiana, will be the leader of the White House Office of Public Engagement. This position will give him “broad reach to help advance… Continue reading Joe Biden’s Staff

How Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell Work Together Could Define Biden’s Presidency

By Ryan Rosenberger With the election now in the rearview mirror, there are still many unanswered questions about what the next four years will look like under a Joe Biden administration. With a raging pandemic, economic downturn and a country that remains divided as ever, President elect Biden will have his hands full when he… Continue reading How Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell Work Together Could Define Biden’s Presidency

The Senate Comes Down to Georgia

By Emma McNamee With Biden’s transition now fully underway and the House of Representative’s majority secured for the Democrats, the results of the 2020 elections appear cemented…except for the U.S. Senate.  Currently sitting at a 50-48 split and Republican’s maintaining a slim lead, control for the Senate will come down to the double runoff elections… Continue reading The Senate Comes Down to Georgia

Trumpism: What Happens Now?

By Lauren Leazenby Donald Trump is the only sitting president in U.S. history to have lost the popular vote twice; the first instance won him control of the nation’s highest office, and the second saw him removed from it. And while President-elect Joe Biden received a record number of votes this election, President Trump did… Continue reading Trumpism: What Happens Now?

The Local Look

By Marianna Koonce In the 14th Illinois Congressional District, it’s looking pretty good for rookie Democratic U.S. representative Lauren Underwood. After the Associated Press called the race, she is the projected winner. Jim Oberweis has since said that he is not conceding and is exploring and would pursue “all of the legal options that are… Continue reading The Local Look

The Local Congressional Campaigns

By Jake Eisendrath Nearly three weeks after the election, one Illinois congressional campaign is still making news .  In the 14th district race between incumbent Lauren Underwood and challenger Jim Oberweis, the Associated Press has called the race for Underwood but Oberweis is demanding a recount.  Underwood, a Democrat, won the race by over 5,000 votes… Continue reading The Local Congressional Campaigns

President Trump’s Post-Election Wrath Creates Delays

By Collin Clark President Donald Trump’s post-election plans to file numerous lawsuits across six swing states to overturn results were put in motion directly after the election was held on November 4. Trump’s lawsuits delayed a peaceful transition of power for almost three weeks.   The president and Republicans have filed nearly 36 lawsuits to… Continue reading President Trump’s Post-Election Wrath Creates Delays


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