President Trump’s Post-Election Wrath Creates Delays

By Collin Clark

President Donald Trump’s post-election plans to file numerous lawsuits across six swing states to overturn results were put in motion directly after the election was held on November 4. Trump’s lawsuits delayed a peaceful transition of power for almost three weeks.  

The president and Republicans have filed nearly 36 lawsuits to contest election results or prove that there has been fraudulent actions behind the voting process. Majority of the lawsuits filed have been shot down or withdrawn and no court has found even a single instance of fraud. Looking at specifics, at least 36 cases to have been filed, including some not directly involving Trump but which could nonetheless affect his standing, at least 25 have been denied, dismissed, settled, or withdrawn.

Trump and the Republicans have filed lawsuits in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia Board of Elections, arguing that there was insufficient access by observers. The Trump campaign later acknowledged that there were a “nonzero number of people in the room” observing the vote count, including some affiliated with the campaign. Judge Paul S. Diamond shot back, “I’m sorry, then what’s your problem?”. Judge Diamond struck a deal for 60 observers from each party to be allowed inside.

In Michigan’s Western District, The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit that argued that the campaign claiming that Wayne County denied election challengers proper access to watch election workers handle ballots. The status of this lawsuit has been withdrawn.  David Fink, lead counsel for the city of Detroit, told The Detroit News that the multiple election-related suits that have been dropped in recent days are indication that the Trump campaign and its allies’ voter fraud claims are meritless.

“It’s no surprise to us that these cases are being voluntarily dismissed because every time one of their cases gets to a judge, their baseless conspiracy theories have been rejected,” Fink said. “They can try to spin the reason that they’re dismissing these cases. But they’re dismissing these cases because they’re afraid to let another judge rule on their frivolous claims.”

Judges have continued to push back in the courts saying, there is no law, and there’s no evidence. So, it’s another major setback for the Trump campaign. They are running out of places to fight said Ross Garber, a political investigations and election lawyer who has mainly represented Republicans.

Many people may be wondering if Trump ever had much of a leg to stand on at all while filing all these lawsuits after the election. Yet the Trump campaign continues to appeal, and open new cases without an end in sight.

Garber goes on to explain that, “they’re[Trump campaign] going to keep doing this unless and until some senior Republicans – perhaps Mitch McConnell says to the president, you know, enough is enough. But the campaign and the president seem to have their eye on January 6 – that’s an important date – when Congress gets the results of the Electoral College. And if there are multiple certifications from a particular state – say, in Pennsylvania, the governor certifies one slate of electors, say, for Biden and, theoretically, the Legislature certifies another slate of electors, say, for Trump – then Congress has to decide what to do with it. I think this is the ultimate focus of the Trump campaign.”

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