This Could Take Some Time

By Eddie Weissfeld

We are not likely to know who won the Presidential race for several days after Election Day.

Although Vice President Biden still holds a large polling lead over President Trump, it is not the popular vote that will decide the result. The election is decided by the electoral college which means that even if a candidate does not win the popular vote nationally, they could still potentially win the election, much like Mr. Trump did in 2016.

Each state has a different number of electoral votes based on population size. The reason this may come into play is because of the speed at which some key battleground states can count votes on Election Night. Because of the increased number of absentee ballots being mailed in this year due to the coronavirus, there is a possibility that the speed at which ballots will be counted could be significantly slowed. If this happens in a key battleground state such as Florida, which holds 29 electoral votes, and there is no clear winner Election Night or the morning after then both candidates may question the validity of the results. and it may be some time before we know the true outcome.

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