Prediction: Mitch McConnell Heads Back to Washington

By Ryan Rosenberger

The Kentucky Senate race continues to be one of the most talked about nationwide.

Senator and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is the longest-serving Senator in the United States, and is poised to return to Washington for a 7th senate term.

McConnell has touted his accomplishments during his time in the Senate, including “confirming three supreme court justices, cutting government regulations and passing historic middle-class tax cuts,” according to his campaign website.

However, that doesn’t mean democratic challenger Amy McGrath isn’t making things interesting.

Despite trailing in the polls for the entire race, McGrath out-funded McConnell by more than $21 million during the most recent quarter, according to the Courier-Journal. On top of that, Kentucky has seen a massive turnout in early voting, according to Yahoo, with approximately two-thirds of those voters being democrat, according to the report.

According to her campaign website, McGrath is campaigning on cleaning up government corruption, expanding healthcare coverage and passing comprehensive economic stimulus as the result of the coronavirus.

But McConnell continues to hold massive leads in the most recent round of polls.

According to a poll from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, Senator McConnell currently maintains a nine point lead—51% to McGrath’s 42%.

According to an Oct. 22 poll from Cygnal, McConnell has a 10 point lead over McGrath, projected to earn 50% of the vote versus McGrath’s 40%.

Because of his status as a one of the longest serving officials in Washington and his significant lead in the most recent polls, all signs point towards McConnell being sent back to Washington for another six year term.

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