Lies or Misrepresentations?

By Dylan Case (Commentary)

        Lying is a misrepresentation of the truth, but often times people misrepresent their own views and will say what people want to hear. People who misrepresent themselves come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and social classes, but what happens when they run for the president of the country? As recently as September 29th the whole world was able to witness the presidential debate between the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, and the former Vice President under the Obama administration, Joe Biden. This debate was supposed to address contemporary issues and policy, but to many this whole debate was a complete dumpster fire.

       During the presidential debate Trump asked Biden if he’s in favor of law and order. Biden answered that he’s in favor of law, the president following it, and a little bit of order. However, in another video titled “Biden vs Biden” posted to YouTube on September 24th by Charlie Kirk, it shows multiple clips of him sharing different stances when asked if he believes in a stronger police force. In the first answer that he gives from his previous years he says, “One step is you must take back the streets, and you take back the streets by more cops, more prisons, more physical protection for the people.” This seems convincing but in another, more recent answer he said, “No, nor is it acceptable for our police sworn to protect and serve all people to escalate tension.” This becomes very confusing shortly afterwards because in a third clip he said, “I not only don’t wanna defund the police, I’m the one calling for $300 billion-million for local police.” This is few of the many times where this political candidate has misrepresented their views to the public just like his claim that manufacturing had already went in the hole before the coronavirus. Biden claims 750,000 manufacturing jobs are still yet to recover, but in all actuality Trump has added 643,000 manufacturing jobs since the shutdowns in April. This is roughly the same number that the Obama/Biden administration added in seven and a half years.

        During the presidential debate Donald Trump was caught on live television claiming that he is supported by almost every law enforcement in the nation, and said, “I have Florida, I have Texas, I have Ohio, I have every- Excuse me, Portland. The sheriff just came out to me today and he said I support President Trump…” but later on that night it was revealed that Michael Reese the Portland Sheriff Tweeted “In tonight’s presidential debate the President said the ‘Portland Sheriff’ supports him. As the Multnomah County Sheriff, I have never supported Trump and will never support him.” This news was released only an hour after the debate. Another misrepresentation by the President was his comment about insulin. Trump said “Insulin, it was destroying families, destroying people, the cost. I’m getting it for so cheap it’s like water.” This is misleading because while some people are able to obtain a month’s supply of insulin for $35 with certain drug prescription plans and Medicaid Advantage, others still have to pay hundreds depending on the brand. The federal government has very little control over drug prices for the people with no insurance and those who receive it through their employer. It’s confirmed that insulin markers have lowered their prices, but it’s due to the pandemic and has little to do with Trump’s actions.

       After all that has been stated, it’s obvious that both presidential candidates are guilty of misleading the public and misrepresenting their own views. But voters may do the same. A “Newsweek” magazine poll suggests that two-thirds of all registered voters misrepresent their political preferences when they’re taking part in election polls.

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